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see Bandinelli, BartolomeoBandinelli, Bartolomeo
or Baccio
, 1493?–1560, Florentine sculptor and painter; son of a goldsmith. He attempted to emulate Michelangelo, and derived from him a strong interest in musculature.
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Baccio da Montelupo: Scultore e architetto del Cinquecento.
The Nativity by Fra Bartolommeo (Baccio della Porta; 1472-1517), 1504/07.
As a result, the city was left in the grip of a self-focused conservative mentality epitomized in the works of Ghirlandaio and evident, even twenty years into the new century, in the derision that met Baccio d'Agnolo's attempt to introduce modern square windows, already long in use in other Italian cities, in the Palazzo Bartoloni in Piazza Santa Trinita (1517-1520).
His comments reveal his interest in sculpture--'Baccio Bandinelli by himself' is labelled 'valuable', as are the 'Pair of Vases from the Antique in Villas Medici & Borgesse at Rome'.
The Nativity by Baccio della Porta, called Fra Bartolommeo (1472-1517), 1504/1507.
(39) Soon after his arrival in Florence, Leonardo was offering advice on the damages to the foundation of the church of San Salvatore dell'Osservanza (San Francesco al Monte) above Florence, a consultant's role that he had begun a few years earlier, and also on the construction of a campanile for the nearby church of San Miniato, based on a drawing by Baccio d'Agnolo.
On the basis of this pail; I would venture an attribution to Bandini of another terracotta, a hawkish bust in the Ashmolean Museum, catalogued by Nicholas Penny in 1992 as a St Paul by Baccio Bandinelli.
Relying on a vocabulary that is indebted to Baccio Baldini, the brothers Pollaiuolo, and Maso Finiguerra, this anonymous Florentine print is completed by a framing wreath of music-making cupids and by a potentially lewd inscription above the couple, 'dammi conforto' ('give me comfort'), which might speak volumes in the case of Leonardo's many later drawings of such couples.
In this context it is instructive to point to Vasari's reference to a free standing wax model made by Baccio Bandinelli in 1512 of an emaciated St Jerome in Penitence, which showed on the bones the muscles and nerves and which Leonardo considered unsurpassed in its anatomical real ism.
(92.) Martineau, ed., 94 and passim; The sixteenth-century sculptor Baccio Bandinelli told Grand Duke Cosimo I that Donatello had employed eighteen or twenty assistants in his Paduan shop; Pope-Hennessy, 210.
(16) Examples include: an Italian ivory figure of Diana+ 16th century, Victoria and Albert Museum A.7-1939; a drawing of an Amazon, probably Andope or Hippolyta, in the Florentine Picture-Chronicle, School of Baccio Baldini, c.