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In subduction systems, there is an intermediate mantle zone in the overriding plate, located between the wedge and the neighbouring back arc.
As a result, the Indonesian archipelago comprises a number of Middle to Late Tertiary-aged back arc basins strung out parallel to the main chain of mountains which has been thrown up by the collision of the tectonic plates.
The back arc basins have been filled with deltaic clastics mostly shed off adjacent shield areas.
5 ceased for five years along part of a distant series of linked faults known as the Andaman back arc fault system.
These tendencies may be amplified, if at the same time, the crust is undergoing extension, such as in back arc regions.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Harken Energy Corporation (Amex: HEC) ("Harken") announced today that a final exploration concession agreement for blocks 2, 3, 4, and 12 of the North and South Limon Back Arc Basin of Costa Rica has been signed.
By contrast, linear swarms that parallel the edge of a craton may simply be rift/breakup related (Ernst and Buchan, 1997) or may possibly represent a back arc rifting setting (e.
4 million acres in the North and South Limon Back Arc Basin onshore and offshore Costa Rica, Central America.
The latter showed his gears to peg back Arc finalist Vancouver Sparky.