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flesh of hogs—especially from the sides, belly, or back—that has been preserved by being salted or pickled and then dried with or without wood smoke. Traditionally, the process consisted of soaking the pork in brine or rubbing it in a salt mixture by hand, then smoking the sides in smoke from an open chimney. It sometimes took three or four months. Bacon is still home cured in some rural communities, but the bulk of its manufacture is carried on in large industrial meatpacking plants equipped to slaughter, dress, cure, smoke, and sell on a large scale. Bacon refers to different cuts in different countries. In the United States it usually means the side between the fifth rib and the hipbone. In Europe, the word bacon generally refers to one half of a fattened pig. Bacon has one of the highest fat contents of any cut of meat.


1. Francis, Baron Verulam, Viscount St. Albans. 1561--1626, English philosopher, statesman, and essayist; described the inductive method of reasoning: his works include Essays (1625), The Advancement of Learning (1605), and Novum Organum (1620)
2. Francis. 1909--92, British painter, born in Dublin, noted for his distorted, richly coloured human figures, dogs, and carcasses
3. Roger. ?1214--92, English Franciscan monk, scholar, and scientist: stressed the importance of experiment, demonstrated that air is required for combustion, and first used lenses to correct vision. His Opus Majus (1266) is a compendium of all the sciences of his age
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Others were best back rashers, cinema tickets and half a pint of lager.
TNS data shows that 35% of premium own label pre-pack back rashers were sold on promotion last year, compared with 11% the year before.
Their packs of 8 standard back rashers, both smoked and unsmoked, will contain thicker rashers.
8g fat SWAPPING four streaky rashers for three larger, well-trimmed back rashers cuts out more than 100 calories, and ditching the butter makes a further saving of around 75 calories and 8g fat.
However, own label prepacked back rashers are static after significant growth last year, indicating that the brands' success may have slowed growth.
Steak, lamb chops and cooked ham were 17% dearer, it found, with fish 16% and back rashers 11%.
The Dutch, historically stronger in foodservice, had also managed to significantly improve their position on pre-packed back rashers with the retailers: "The Dutch have improved their response to the retailers' demands, particularly in areas like animal welfare and quality assurance, and that's moving in the right direction?
The DMB research shows that back rashers continue to outperform other rasher types, with volume up 5% and value up 4% in the first quarter.
And while best back rashers retail for less than EUR7 in one place, they could cost more than EUR17 somewhere else.