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A suite of network server software from Microsoft that includes Windows NT Server, BackOffice Server (for the integrated development, deployment, and management of BackOffice applications in departments, branch offices, and medium sized businesses); Exchange Server; Proxy Server; Site Server for intranet publishing, management, and search; Site Server Commerce Edition For comprehensive Internet commerce transactions; Small Business Server for business operations, resource management, and customer relations; SNA Server for the integration of existing and new systems and data; SQL Server for scalable, reliable database and data-warehousing; Systems Management Server (SMS) for centralised change- and configuration-management.

Latest version: 4.5, as of 2000-12-16.
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back office

(1) Systems that do not deal directly with the customer, such as inventory management and accounts payable. Contrast with front office. See back office application.

(2) (BackOffice) An earlier suite of network server software products from Microsoft that was licensed as a bundle. It was discontinued in 2001, but some of the underlying products remained. BackOffice included Windows NT Server, SQL Server, Systems Management Server (SMS), SNA Server and Mail Server.
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