Backbone Mountain

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Backbone Mountain,

peak, 3,360 ft (1,024 m) high, NW Md., in the Allegheny Mts.; highest elevation in the state.
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Max and Katharine Dubansky, along with their children, Grace, 19; Leon, 17; Iris, 10; and Tessa, 6, live on a 106-acre organic farm located at the foot of Backbone Mountain in Oakland, Maryland.
We sampled katydid calling patterns using sound recordings made in a mature oak-hickory forest on Backbone Mountain, Carrett County, MD (39[degrees] 26' S0" N, 79[degrees] 13' 24" W, elevation 922 m), during the late summer and fall of 2007.
SEBASTIAN CO.: 3.2 km NE of Greenwood (35.218697[degrees]N, 94.2I6003[degrees]W), 22 May 1990; Greenwood, NE comer of Backbone Mountain (35.242254[degrees]N, 94.273682[degrees]W), 20 April 2006.
Army and the Department of Energy, comes from the Mountaineer Wind Energy Center, a wind farm perched on West Virginia's Backbone Mountain. There, electricity is generated by 44 turbines, each sitting atop 230-foot towers.
While kids at Garrett boot camps -- Backbone Mountain, Meadow Mountain and Savage Mountain -- were marching to barked orders, those at the Allegany camps were studying stream biology, exploring caves, finding fossils and scuba diving.
The relatively small, 44-turbine, 66-megawatt Mountaineer wind project (owned by Florida Power & Light) runs along the spine of Backbone Mountain in northeastern West Virginia's Tucker County, and it could be a harbinger of things to come.