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cloud storage

A backup and storage service on the Internet. Cloud storage providers generally let users upload any size and type of computer file. Also called "online storage" and "public cloud storage," a customer's files are downloaded to anyone's computer with a Web browser and password. Many providers are freemium based, offering a limited amount of storage for free and higher capacities for a fee. Some are entirely fee based.

Backup or Storage
Although any remote storage can be used to upload a file for backup, providers dedicated to "backup as a service" (BaaS) perform automatic uploading and may keep multiple revisions of a file. IDrive, Acronis Backup and Recovery and Carbonite are examples. Professional storage services designed for sharing such as Box and Dropbox make it easy to invite people to download files. See media sharing site.

Keeping the same files in sync on every device of an individual user is another feature of many storage providers. Major companies such as Apple (see iCloud), Google (see Google Drive) and Microsoft (see OneDrive) include cloud storage and synchronization as an incentive to keep users within the fold.

Content Management/Delivery
Cloud storage providers that keep data for automatic downloading to a user's application or Web page fall under the "content management" umbrella (see CDN). See cloud computing, cloud storage gateway, cloud music storage, S3 cloud storage, Amazon Glacier, Google Storage and external storage.
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The NSA's backup site wasn't yet ready, whereas GCHQ could handle the load.
But the RAF ruled this out as the village is just a mile from Kinloss airbase, a backup site for RAF Lossiemouth, the home to aircraft on standby to defend the UK.
The MP is calling for details over the nature of the hardware failure, what controls have been put in place to prevent similar incidents, and why processing was not switched to a backup site.
This will now function as a backup site. As a single storm can theoretically affect both Clark and Makati hubs, Luz said plans were underway to build another EOC in the Visayas.
The backup site supports 15 Zee channels running on HP servers across a virtual platform that mirrors the main site.
The backup site supports 15 ZEE channels running on Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) servers across a virtual platform that mirrors the main site.
When used with optional sensors such as the Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe (EPM), the ePDUs can trigger environmental alerts such as excessive temperature or humidity, and initiate disaster recovery policies, including the automatic migration of virtual servers to a backup site or the gradual shutdown of the system to protect mission critical loads.
Backup site: A place where operations can continue after a data-loss event.
The historic Grade II listed hotel, which was ravaged by fire, has re-opened, and key personnel continue to operate at their backup site provided by Onyx.
Vayron Storage is a cloud storage backup site based in the United Kingdom that allows people to store all of the important files they have securely and at an affordable price.
In turn, CU*NorthWest will host a real-time backup site at its existing Liberty Lake center.