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Bacteriophages offer a unique tool to gently fine-tune the gut microbiota by specifically targeting problem-causing bacteria.
Propagation of bacteriophages and their activity against bacterial isolates
The site currently contains 106 bacteriophages discovered by Del Mar students.
The use of bacteriophages allows an exceptionally specific approach to eliminating detrimental bacteria.
Bacteriophages were isolated from wastewater of a medium (P) and a small (S) scale poultry processing plants (Table 1) in Pichincha-Ecuador.
Our current debate over vaccinations, and the difficulty in convincing parents to agree to vaccinate their children, suggests that it would be equally difficult to get the general public to support the use of bacteriophages to cure disease.
Isolation, characterization and therapeutic potential assessment of bacteriophages virulent to Staphylococcus aureus associated with goat mastitis, Iranian.
In the past 15 years, articles and books about the effect of bacteriophages on biofilm have been published internationally, but no specific information is currently available for Romania.
In order to use bacteriophages, scientists have needed to find out how precisely the viruses destroy cell walls.
The Stx-2A bacteriophages were highly similar in morphologic features, restriction endonuclease profiles, chromosomal integration sites, and superinfection immunity (2,3) and showed <65% similarity to Stx phages from non-O104 strains.
It is very important to note that bacteriophages have served as a vital tool for understanding molecular biology besides serving as potential treatment agent to combat bacterial infection.
Experts say these types of viruses, called bacteriophages, have been shown to play a role in chronic diseases.