Bad Elster

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Bad Elster


a balneological mud-bath and climatic health resort in the German Democratic Republic (GDR), 30 km south of the city of Plauen on the Weisse Elster River. It is situated in the western spurs of the Erzgebirge at an altitude of 490 m. The climate is temperate, mild, and comparatively cool. The mean July temperature is 15.6° C, and the mean January temperature -0.2° C; the annual precipation is about 700 mm. The therapeutic agents include 16 carbonate springs of the sulfate-hydrocarbonate-sodium and sulfate-chloride-hydrocarbonate-sodium types (for baths and drinking); mud; and climatotherapy. Persons with secondary anemia, adiposity, gout, and diabetes; gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, urinary, and gynecological diseases; disorders of the locomotive organs and peripheral nervous system; diseases of the cardiovascular system, and respiratory diseases of nontuberculous origin are treated here. There are sanatoriums, rest homes, facilities for balneotherapy and pelotherapy (mud baths), and a drinking-water gallery. The Scientific Research Institute for Health Resort Science, Balneology, and Physical Therapy of the GDR Ministry of Health is located in Bad Elster. The spa is open year-round.


Borisov, A. D. Vazhneishie kurorty sotsialisticheskikh stran Evropy. Moscow, 1967.


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Currently based in Behnisch's Los Angeles office, Jantzen trained at SCI-Arc and worked on the practice's spa at Bad Elster (AR April 2001), which also manifested an inventive penchant for the use of coloured glass.
There are some beautiful examples of such an approach buried in the book, chiefly von Gerkan & Marg's double glazed 'modern relic' panels at Volkenrode (originally at Hanover), summer space by Johl, Jozwiak, Ruppel, Berlin, and Behnisch's roof for the swimming pool at Bad Elster. Maybe for this reason alone the book is worth buying.
The city of bad elster was included in the federal and provincial program "urban redevelopment, program part revaluation" with the funding area "hagerstrae / am kuhberg".
Reworking a hundred year old spa complex in Bad Elster, Germany Behnisch and Sabatke relate new and old, interior and exterior private and public spaces in a complicated weave.
3.2 of the federal funding guidelines for the planning area in the city of bad elster. the client is based on the project planning service engineering structures based on hoai 2013 43 ff.
Contract notice: Modernization of the historic cross-border road link bad elster s 306 - hranice iii / 2172 - object planning traffic facilities and engineering structures as well as special services
as Therapie- und Wohlfhlzentrum mit Bade- und Saunalandschaft in Bad Brambach gehrt zur Schsischen Staatsbder GmbH mit Sitz in Bad Elster (Vogtland).
Services concession: supported establishment and operation of nga broadband infrastructures for the development of under-served areas of the city of bad elster on the basis of the economic gap model
Contract notice: Gatekeeper / reception and security services as well as alarm switching at the sites of the UBA: Berlin, Bad Elster and Langen.
Lot 11: EEA 106-2015 GS Bad Elster OS Adf Tour Triebel Eichigt the Mills Adf.
Manufacture of outdoor equipment for the Sole Spa and Sauna World Bad Elster.