Bad Liebenstein

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Bad Liebenstein


a balneological and mud-bath health resort in the German Democratic Republic. It is located on the slopes of the Thuringian Forest in the Grumbachthal Valley, 35 km from Eisenach. The climate is moderately continental, with mild winters (average January temperature, —0.5°C) and warm summers (average July temperature, 18.9°C). Annual precipitation totals approximately 700 mm. Therapeutic remedies include cold carbonic acid bicarbonate-chloride-sodium-magnesium-calcium waters with high iron content and some arsenic. These waters are used for baths and drinking therapy. The chemical composition of the water from the principal spring is

There are also mud baths. Treatment is offered for those suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, secondary anemia, traumas and diseases of the nervous system, and endocrine disorders. There are sanatoriums, a bathhouse with a mud-bath facility, a drinking gallery, boardinghouses, and hotels.


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The amount is composed of the sewage sludge accumulation of the nine sewage treatment plants listed below: - ka bad liebenstein (220 t os), - ka bad salzungen (960 t os), - ka barchfeld (320 t os), - ka buttlar (100 t os), - ka dermbach (80 t os), - ka dorndorf (100 t os), - ka kaltennordheim (130 t os), - ka unterbreizbach (50 t os), - ka vacha (110 t os).
Bad Liebenstein. After leaving Bad Blankenburg, we journeyed to Bad Liebenstein to visit the Hotel Froebelhauf.
The city of Bad Liebenstein intends to transform the visitor cave "Altensteiner Hhle" into a landscape garden under the mountain and thus the first public Thuringian show cave.
Contract award notice: bad liebenstein, schloss altenstein sanierung und umbau fr eine zuknftige nutzung; los 90 tischlerarbeiten innenausbau.