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What does it mean when you dream about a joke?

Humor in a dream is a good indication of light-heartedness and release from the tension that may have surrounded some issue. There is, however, also a negative side of humor, such as when someone or something is derided as “a joke.”

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He asked her: "If [the accused] had not been arrested, you would have continued to think this was a bad joke?" "Yeah," she replied.
She added: "I thought it was a bad joke." Ms Riedel told the court she changed her mind when she saw the men smashing windows and when a colleague called Harriet left the reception.
The ridicule from Labour was expected, but the abuse from his own side must be the final nail in the coffin for his reputation, a buffoon reduced to a bad joke.
Barr on Tuesday tweeted to Jarrett that she was sorry "for making a bad joke" about her politics and her looks.
has since deleted the tweet in question and posted an apology in which she defended her comments as "a bad joke".
But one more finger-lickingly bad joke about fowl play or poultry service and I may kick the bargain bucket.
The amount of fine seems a bad joke compared to the colossal losses incurred by the exchequer owing to underutilisation.
Yes He Can", we said despite Trump being seen as a bad joke outside the US, he could well be president.
Which would the country want: a bad joke or a bad government?
DLA co-chairmen and co-managing partners shot back with a memo explaining the comments were nothing more than a bad joke by three former DLA lawyers.
It is bad enough that the government support a fuel increase at a time when taxpayers are already stretched, but to also vote to hand over increasing amounts of cash to the EU at the same time, while our public services are being cut, seems like a very bad joke.