Badi Al-Zaman Faruzanfar

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Faruzanfar, Badi Al-Zaman


Born 1900, in the hamlet of Beshruie, Khorasan Province. Iranian literary critic and poet.

Badi al-Zaman Faruzanfar studied in Meshed under Adib Nishaburi. He moved to Tehran in 1923. He was a professor in the philosophy faculty and then its chairman. His main works are Poetry and Poets (vols. 1–2,1930–33), Treatise on the Poet Jalal al-Din Rami (2nd ed., 1954), Arabic-Persian Dictionary (1940), Summary of the Mathnawi (1942–43), and Sources of the Parables in the Mathnawi (1954). He also prepared and published a critical text of the Mathnawi of Rumi (1951). Badi al-Zaman Faruzanfar continues the classical traditions in his poetry.


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