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William Baffin
Navigator, explorer

Baffin, William,

c.1584–1622, British arctic explorer. He was pilot on two expeditions (1615–16) sent out to search for the Northwest PassageNorthwest Passage,
water routes through the Arctic Archipelago, N Canada, and along the northern coast of Alaska between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Even though the explorers of the 16th cent.
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 under command of Robert Bylot, who was formerly with Henry Hudson. The first expedition vainly tried to find a channel in Hudson Bay N of Southampton Island. The second attempt, NW through Davis Strait, led to exploration of what was later called Baffin Bay and the northeast shore of Baffin Island. The existence of Baffin Bay was discredited until 1818 when Sir John Ross confirmed Baffin's discovery and observations. Baffin's conviction that the Northwest Passage did not exist discouraged arctic exploration for a time. His narratives were edited by Sir Clements Markham in 1881.
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This week, the Baffin vessel arrived in Singapore to deliver a crane boom and luffing frame from the Huisman wharf in Xiamen, China, for HeeremaMarine Contractors Sleipnir vessel.
Key words: northwest Greenland; Baffin Bay; Melville Bay; passive acoustic monitoring; sperm whales; narwhals; long-finned pilot whales; bearded seals; bowhead whales; beluga whales; narwhal clicks; beluga clicks
And to my amazement, when Jett, our enthusiastic young black Lab, brought the bird to hand, there it was: a little piece of Baffin Bay bling hanging around the diver's ankle.
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All of the PEA costs incorporate factors specific to northern Canada and Baffin Island locations.
Drawing from the recollections of his Baffin colleagues as well as from his own memories, Ives takes readers on a remarkable adventure, describing the day-to-day experiences of the field teams in the context of both contemporary Arctic research and bureaucratic decision making.
During the fall of 2012 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department-Coastal Fisheries Division (TPWD-CF) staff received numerous reports from commercial fish houses and recreational anglers of underweight and emaciated black drum from the Baffin Bay region of the ULM.
I was three-years-old when my parents, Paul Landry and Matty McNair, headed to Baffin Island with a couple of friends and a team of dogs to attempt the first circumnavigation of the island.
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