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1. a board game in which balls are struck into holes, with pins as obstacles; pinball
2. another name for bar billiards
3. a short light piece of music, esp for piano
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a short instrumental piece, especially for the piano. The term was first used by F. Couperin. Bagatelles for the piano were composed by Beethoven (three series of pieces), A. K. Liadov, and B. Bartok. A. Dvorak and A. Webern wrote bagatelles for instrumental chamber ensembles.


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In the Quintet in G major, the Bagatelles and the Terzetto alike, the Scharoun Ensemble lay the emphasis on delicate dynamics, cantability and a bold lyrical charge, which sets their interpretation apart from the rather more robust Czech creations (of the Panocha Quartet and the Stamic Quartet).
Each Bagatelle expresses a different mood using experiments in tonality and form in which the Lekkers revelled.
What: Toni Pimble's 1982 ballet, along with her Five Bagatelles and Eloy Barragan's "Encuentros"
There are few pieces of music that speak to us as intimately and touch our hearts so surely as Dvorak's Bagatelles, which Josef Suk has happily decided to record in the original version with harmonium, or Miniatures, which are better known in the version for violin and piano as Romantic Pieces.
These titled imaginative bagatelles were commissioned by the Music Teacher's Association of California.
In keeping with the Chamber Music Series' theme this year of "chamber music with a twist," the Dvorak Bagatelles also will feature Eugene Ballet Company dancers in original choreography by Toni Pimble, the company's artistic director.
Anderszewski elected to begin his Beethoven Bagatelles seemingly at one remove - he disdained highlighting the melodies and opted to create a homogenous palette from the opening chords.
Three Policemen, Isabel Valse, Grande valse brillante, Etude, Petite suite, Rapsodie, Bagatelles, Dance of the Puppet, Spring Wind, Bugatti Step
Three Bagatelles for the Righteous, more theater than dance, leavened the evening, with Joseph Ritsch portraying John Kerry and a hilarious David Neumann as Bush.
Some late Beethoven Bagatelles had an almost Webernian allusiveness and conciseness.
The first of Byung-Dong Paik's Drei Bagatellen (Three Bagatelles) presents the essence of traditional Korean ornamentation in a contemporary musical language.
And in honor of the upcoming election, Comfort has revived her devilishly wicked Three Bagatelles for the Righteous, in which our presidential nominees, heard on sound bites, appear as stiff-bodied puppets, controlled by handlers.