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1. a board game in which balls are struck into holes, with pins as obstacles; pinball
2. another name for bar billiards
3. a short light piece of music, esp for piano



a short instrumental piece, especially for the piano. The term was first used by F. Couperin. Bagatelles for the piano were composed by Beethoven (three series of pieces), A. K. Liadov, and B. Bartok. A. Dvorak and A. Webern wrote bagatelles for instrumental chamber ensembles.


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In the Quintet in G major, the Bagatelles and the Terzetto alike, the Scharoun Ensemble lay the emphasis on delicate dynamics, cantability and a bold lyrical charge, which sets their interpretation apart from the rather more robust Czech creations (of the Panocha Quartet and the Stamic Quartet).
These titled imaginative bagatelles were commissioned by the Music Teacher's Association of California.
From there, the bagatelles accompany the four dancers on stage in a dance that explores the simple movement themes introduced in the first two bagatelles," Pimble says.
Anderszewski elected to begin his Beethoven Bagatelles seemingly at one remove - he disdained highlighting the melodies and opted to create a homogenous palette from the opening chords.
The greater part of the CD is taken up with the cycles Petite suite and Bagatelles.
This summer her ensemble, Jane Comfort and Company, will appear at Jacob's Pillow (July 29-August 1), with Underground River (1998) and Three Bagatelles for the Righteous (1996).
His Soiree Musicale was a chain of cheery bagatelles with hints of adolescent flirtation.
Sandwiching Berdo's fledgling work, Four Hands, set to Rachmaninoff, between revivals of Twyla Tharp's Waterbaby Bagatelles and York's 1996 hit for the company, Celts, was an error akin to giving the farm team rookie a tryout in the World Series.
Or ten of them, to be exact, in Ten Suggestions, a solo he created for himself in 1981 set to Alexander Tcherepnin's piano Bagatelles, Opus 5.
Twyla Tharp's Waterbaby Bagatelles, originally made for a Boston Ballet gala last year, entered the repertoire during the company's American Festival II series (Wang Center for the Performing Arts, Boston, March 23-April 9, 1995).
Musicians from the Columbus Symphony Orchestra performed Dvorak's Five Bagatelles, op.
Its relatively thin texture and short length make this bagatelle accessible for intermediate- or early- advanced-level students.