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musical instrument whose ancient origin was probably in Mesopotamia from which it was carried east and west by Celtic migrations. It was used in ancient Greece and Rome and has been long known in India. Some form of bagpipe was later used in nearly every European country; it was particularly fashionable in 18th-century France, where it was called the musette. Its widest use and greatest development was in the British Isles, particularly Northumberland, Ireland, and Scotland. The island of Skye was the home of a school for pipers. The Highland pipe of Scotland, the most well-known type, was a martial instrument and from it comes the modern great pipe; but at least six other types were once used in the British Isles. The basic construction of a bagpipe consists of a bag, usually leather, which is inflated either by mouth through a tube or by a bellows worked by the arm; one or two chanters (or chaunters), melody pipes having finger holes and fitted usually with double reeds; and one or more drones, which produce one sustained tone each and usually have single reeds, though the musette drones have double reeds (see reed instrumentreed instrument,
in music, an instrument whose sound-producing agent is a thin strip of cane, wood, plastic, or metal that vibrates as air is passed over it. The predecessor of these instruments is the Chinese sheng.
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). Associated with folk and military music, it has been neglected by composers, possibly because of its short range.


See T. H. Podnos, Bagpipes and Tunings (1974); T. Collinson, The Bagpipe (1975).

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I always make Guy and his sister Georgia watch the Edinburgh Tattoo and things like that, so they've grown up with the bagpipes.
We are entirely on board with a zero tolerance approach to bagpipes on aeroplanes.
Starting from the Cat and Bagpipes Inn at the centre of East Harlsey we make our way along the main street to pass the fine frontage of the village hall (built 1938) on our left before turning left along the lane before "Peeps Cottage".
Mr McGregor played the bagpipes at events in the 80s and 90s including at the annual Burns Night organised by the former Manama Caledonian Society.
Bagpipe, trombone and saxophone players be warned: Musical instruments with moist interiors should be cleaned immediately after use, the authors suggest.
Mr Campbell's bagpipes were riddled with mould and fungi that are known to cause lung problems.
The pupils from all ages in our schools will have the opportunity to learn Highland Dance and get the chance to learn the bagpipes.
The Director General of the National Center for Bagpipes in Scotland said: "We are proud that one of RAFO personnel gets this International certificate, which allows her to train others onto all music performances".
prohibits importing ivory taken after 1976; the ivory in the boys' bagpipes is older and they have certificates to prove it.
If, like me, you can only cope with very small and infrequent doses of the bagpipes, you'd love them.