Bagrov, Lev Semenovich

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Bagrov, Lev (Leo) Semenovich


Born June 24 (July 5), 1881, in Solikamsk; died Aug. 9, 1957, in The Hague. Russian bourgeois historian.

Bagrov graduated from the University of St. Petersburg in 1903. From 1916 to 1918 he was professor of navigation at the Technical School and then became head of the history subdepartment at the Institute of Geography in Petrograd. In 1918 he immigrated to Germany; in 1945 he moved to Sweden. Bagrov was the founder and editor of the international periodical Imago mundi (vols. 1–13, 1935–57), which published historical materials and geographical maps. Bagrov’s main research was devoted to the history of cartography of the Caspian and Black seas and Asiatic Russia and the history of various I6th—18th century maps. He prepared for publication the facsimile edition of S. U. Remezov’s 17th-century Atlas of Siberia (1958). Bagrov’s chief work is History of the Geographical Map (Petrograd, 1917).


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