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a city in Sliudianka Raion, Irkutsk Oblast, RSFSR. It is situated on the south shore of Lake Baikal and has a station on the Irkutsk-Ulan-Ude railroad line. Population in 1968, 17,000. The settlement of Baikal’sk arose in 1961 in connection with the construction of a cellulose plant; it became a city in 1966.

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Tribune News Network DOHA Overdrive Racing's Nasser bin Saleh al Attiyah and French navigator Matthieu Baumel extended their overall advantage to 13min and 53sec after a second successive stage win on the timed section of the 2019 Silk Way Rally between Baikalsk and Ulan-Ude in eastern Siberia on Monday.
The remaining 25% will be sold to the city of Baikalsk, the daily said.
Greenpeace recalls that the Baikalsk cellulose plant (Irkutsk region) on the shores of the lake continues to pollute the waters.
Most of the lake and the basin's environmental problems are related to the use of these resources, especially the factories in Baikalsk and Selenginsk and the destructive forestry activities on the slopes of the surrounding mountains.
Severobaikalsk (North Baikalsk) is a new city, built in the second half of this century.
An enormous cellulose plant at the southern toe of the lake at Baikalsk spits endless gobs of particulates and chemicals into the atmosphere, adding to the emissions flowing down the airstream from the industrial cities of the Irkutsk Oblast to the west.
Tribune News Network BAIKALSK (Russia) Overdrive Racing held first and third positions after the opening stage of the 2019 Silk Way Rally between the Eastern Siberian city of Irkutsk and the nearby town of Baikalsk on Sunday.