Bailey, Lilian

Bailey, Lilian

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Lilian Bailey was a twentieth century English deep trance medium who was invited to give séances for much of European royalty plus such dignitaries as Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie King. Bailey also had sittings with movie stars Mary Pickford, Merle Oberon, Mae West, and others. On one occasion, after agreeing to sit with “a group of VIPs,” she was blindfolded and taken to a building. She quickly went into trance and afterward found her audience included Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Apparently while Bailay was in trance the spirit of the late King George VI came through to speak to his widow. The Queen Mother gave Bailey a personal brooch as a token of gratitude.

Bailey was awarded the Order of the British Empire medal for her services during World War I. She joined the Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps, assigned to the Director General of Transport’s Department, and worked not far behind the front lines.

Bailey had three main spirit guides: a young soldier named William Hedley Wootton (a Grenadier Guards’ captain who had been killed in France in World War I), a Scottish doctor named Thomas Adamson, and a young Cingalese girl who called herself Poppet. On one ocaasion Bailey obtained a photograph of her guide Wootton through the spirit photographer William Hope. Once, when asked what her mediumship meant to her, Bailey replied: “I am so sure that life goes on after death. It is not a hope—it is an absolute conviction. There is no question in my mind that we shall meet and be with those whom we love.”


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