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Removal of the cuttings from a well during cable-tool drilling, or of the liquid from a well, by means of a bailer.



removal of liquid from a well by means of a bailer attached to a rope or cable. Bailing is performed during percussion drilling to clear cuttings from the face and to complete low-pressure oil and water wells. It was widely used at the end of the 19th century to extract petroleum from wells and shafts.

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Bailing out of jail can be confusing but the experienced bail bond agents at 49th Street Bail Bonds will explain the procedure and answer any questions that a defendant may have regarding the bail bond process or criminal justice system.
These cases typically center on domestic violence, in which the person who was battered is bailing out the person who battered him or her.
Senior Deputy District Attorney Patricia Murphy said the fourfold bail increase was justified because of the grisly nature of the slaying and to prevent Barreras from bailing out and possibly hurting others.