Baiov, Aleksei

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Baiov, Aleksei Konstantinovich


Born Feb. 8 (20), 1871; died May 8, 1935, in Tallin. Russian military historian who attained the rank of lieutenant general in 1915.

Baiov graduated from the Archaeological Institute, the Second Konstantinov Military Academy in 1890, and the Academy of the General Staff in 1896, where he worked beginning in 1902, serving as director of affairs from 1903 to 1914, and, beginning in 1906, as a professor in the sub-department of the Russian art of warfare. He was a follower of D. F. Maslovskii and A. Z. Myshlaevskii in the study of the Russian art of warfare and was a member of the military-historical commission for compiling a history of the Russo-Japanese War. During World War I he was chief of staff of an army corps and of an army, and he commanded a division, a corps, and an army. After the October Revolution he headed a commission to examine and properly organize the historical archives. When Pavlovsk was seized in October 1919 by the army of General Iudenich, Baiov stayed with the Whites and went with them to Estonia, where he taught in military schools until 1926.


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