Bajram Curri

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Curri, Bajram


Born 1862; died Mar. 29, 1925. Albanian political and military figure.

From 1910 to 1912, Curri was one of the leaders of the struggle against the Ottomans in northern Albania; he played a major role in the Albanian Uprising of 1912. After the country declared its independence in the same year, he supported the provisional government headed by I. Qemal-bey. In 1920, Curri served as minister without portfolio in the government formed by the National Congress in the city of Lushnje. Between June and August 1920 he helped organize an armed struggle against feudal separatists and foreign occupiers.

In 1924, Curri took part in an uprising against the feudal landowning group led by A. Zogu and served as minister of war in the government of F. Noli. After the uprising was suppressed, Curri continued the struggle until he was killed in a battle at Dragobi.

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