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1. Sir Benjamin. 1840--1907, British engineer who, with Sir John Fowler, designed and constructed much of the London underground railway, the Forth Railway Bridge, and the first Aswan Dam
2. Chet, full name Chesney H. Baker. 1929--88, US jazz trumpeter and singer
3. Dame Janet. born 1933, British mezzo-soprano
4. Sir Samuel White. 1821--93, British explorer: discovered Lake Albert (1864)
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What does it mean when you dream about a baker?

Baking can represent something on which one is working, perhaps even psychological reflection (working on oneself). It also might refer to the connotations of expressions like “half-baked” or “If I knew you were coming I would have baked a cake.”

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I had been delayed at a case, and it was a little after half-past six when I found myself in Baker Street once more.
Henry Baker, I believe," said he, rising from his armchair and greeting his visitor with the easy air of geniality which he could so readily assume.
"Certainly, sir," said Baker, who had risen and tucked his newly gained property under his arm.
Henry Baker," said Holmes when he had closed the door behind him.
Then he stepped into the cab, and in half an hour we were back in the sitting-room at Baker Street.
Perspecta CEO, board chairman and co-founder Paul Montrone fired Baker in December 2017.
The issue is that Karen has a dark request of Baker, and there are added complications in that he's already obsessed with catching a prized tuna fish named Justice and is also working a side-gig as a gigolo for neighbour Constance (Diane Lane).
"With the enactment of this law, our country has repaired a fault and acknowledged the sacrifices of Frazier Baker and so many others who stood up against injustice and intolerance," Clyburn said in a news release.
It follows four similar offers by Baker Mills this year to purchase from certain PFG holders up to 50,000; 60,000; 125,000; and 110,000, respectively, PFG shares.
Born at 23 Ashworth Street, Farnworth, in February 1905, Baker was 63 when she first started playing the joint owner of Pledge's Purer Pickles alongside Jimmy Jewel in 1968.
The invitation-only event is both a celebration of this important milestone as well a tribute to the original owner, Colonel Edward Baker, who opened the hotel doors on June 2, 1928.