Bakhtiar Kankaev

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Kankaev, Bakhtiar


(also, Bakhtiiar Kanykaev). Dates of birth and death unknown. “Chief colonel” of E. I. Pugachev; elder of a volost (small rural district) in Kazan Province.

In December 1773, Kankaev organized an uprising in easternTataria. In June 1774, on Pugachev’s orders, he formed detachments to replenish the main insurgent army. His energetic actions created a situation favorable to the advance of Pugachev’stroops along the Kama River and the seizure of Kazan. Following the defeat of Pugachev’s troops at Kazan (July 12–15, 1974)and his march with the remnants of his army to the right bankof the Volga, Kankaev fell back to the area of his earlier activity, the right bank of the Kama, where he continued the struggleuntil the end of July 1774. Kankaev suffered a defeat at the handsof tsarist troops in a battle at Rybnaia Sloboda and fled. Hissubsequent fate is unknown.

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