Balaceanu, Emanoil

Bălăceanu, Emanoil


(Manolache Bălăceanu). Birth date unknown; died May 1, 1842. Rumanian utopian socialist.

In March 1835, together with T. Diamant, Bălăceanu established the phalanstery Agricultural and Manufacturing Association, on the model of C. Fourier’s phalansteries, on his inherited estate, Scăieni (Ploiesti region). The members of the phalanstery (about 100 people—peasants, artisans, serfs freed by Bălăceanu, and others) occupied themselves with agriculture and crafts. About 20 people studied mathematics, French, Rumanian, and political economics in the school. The Wallachian government destroyed the phalanstery with the help of troops (Jan. 5, 1837). Bălăceanu and his companions were arrested and exiled.


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