see Merodach-baladanMerodach-baladan
, fl. 722–702 B.C., Chaldaean prince, who usurped (721) the Babylonian throne. Sargon of Assyria put down the allies of Merodach-baladan in Syria and Palestine and eventually drove (c.710) the usurper from Babylon.
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Since losing his belt to Ruben Estanislao on a split decision in June, Ruiz (20-2, six knockouts) has won three in a row, including a unanimous eight-round decision over Baladan Trevizo of Arizona on April 28 in Woodland Hills.
Finally, Fuchs provides a persuasive argument for identifying the mysterious "son of Yakin" and "son of Zeri" mentioned in the letters with Merodach: Baladan II, the Chaldean king who opposed Sargon in Babylonia.