bowhead whale

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bowhead whale:

see right whaleright whale,
name for whales of the family Balaenidae. They were so named by whalers, who for centuries considered them "the right whales" to hunt, because they float when killed and because they yield enormous quantities of oil and of baleen.
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and Stephen Leatherwood 1985 "Bowhead whale Balaena mysticetus Linnaeus, 1758," in Handbook of Marine Mammals Volume 3: The Sirenians and Baleen Whales, edited by S.
Mots cles : baleine boreale; Balaena mysticetus\ collision avec des navires; ocean Arctique; mer de Bering; emmelement dans les filets; emmelement dans les engins de peche commerciale; Orcinus orca; tentatives de predation par les epaulards; blessures infligees par des helices; cicatrices; chasse a la baleine chez les Autochtones
1997) estudiaron ejemplares de Balaena mysticetus y son concordantes con la disposicion de las caras en Pontoporia blainvillei, sin embargo estos autores utilizaron, ademas, los nombres de caras diafragmatica y esternocostal para las caras atrial y auricular.
The sounds of the bowhead whale, Balaena mysticetus, during the spring migrations of 1979 and 1980.
In addition, the response of bowhead whales, Balaena mysticetus, and possibly other cetaceans to these anthropogenic disturbances varies with behavioral activity (Beale and Monaghan, 2004; Ellison et al.
We are grateful to all the crew members of Balaena who participated in fieldwork in the Gully.
Key words: cyamid; whale lice; Cyamus ceti; ectoparasite; bowhead whale; Balaena mysticetus; Arctic; Bering Sea; Chukchi Sea; Beaufort Sea
This act entered into force in 1935 (Tonnessen and Johnson, 1982) and served as the first measure of protection for bowhead whales, Balaena mysticetus; right whales, Eubalaena spp.
Key words: bowhead whale; Balaena mysticetus; gray whale; Eschrichtias robustus; Arctic; C hukchi Sea, habitat, aerial survey; feeding
Two other species that suffered significant impacts from the Soviet catches in the North Pacific were the right whale, Eubalaena japonica, and the bowhead whale, Balaena mysticetus, both of which had already been overexploited by historical (sail-based) whaling beginning in the mid-1800's (Clapham et al.
The same incentive inevitably resulted in Soviet catchers being encouraged to take whale species that were illegal to hunt (such as southern and North Pacific right whales, as well as gray, Eschrichtius robustus; bowhead, Balaena mysticetus; and, later, blue and humpback whales) and later also to hunt other baleen and sperm whales outside permitted seasons, areas, or quotas (see also the Appendix).
Last, we excluded a number of species because of rarity or absence in the Inuit diet (various canids: Arctic wolf Canis lupus and foxes Vulpes lagopus, bowhead whale Balaena mysticetus, hooded seal Cystophora cristata, gulls, owls, and raptors) or because weight data were unavailable (mollusks, Arctic cod Boreogadus saida, sculpins).