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(Persian, balakhana,“upper room” or “balcony”).

(1) A temporary building for theater, circus, or estrada (variety stage) performances; the balagan was known in Russia from the middle of the 18th century. Originally, trade fair sites were adapted for the performances. Later, special wooden buildings were built, the roof being made of tarpaulin or sacking. In front of the balagan, a balcony (raus) was erected, from which the actors called the public in to the performance. Harlequinades and farces were presented as well as pseudopatriotic plays and classical works in extremely shortened form; magicians, acrobats, athletes, gymnasts, folk choruses, Petrushka puppets, and marionettes performed there. In St. Petersburg in 1880 a balagan of a new type known as “entertainment and edification” was organized on the Marsovo Pole. Its artistic director was A. Ia. Alekseev-Iakovlev, who was connected with the folk theater. Many subsequently well-known artists, such as A. L. and V. L. Durov, I. S. Radunskii (Bim), E. A. Lepkovskii, and others, began their careers in the balagan. The balagan existed until the 1930’s, at which time it was showing variety entertainment.

(2) In the figurative sense, human activity which resembles a balagan show; foolish, coarse conduct.

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He found a kindred spirit in Groshong at the Balagan, where the duo proceeded not only to introduce unconventional new tuners but to mount more established shows like Jerry Springer: The Opera, and to incubate a slate of adventurous projects, including a musical version of the film Citizen Ruth and a bio-musical with Chekhovian overtones about the late Seattle rocker Kurt Cobain, titled Nirvanov.
Balagan would be the nonprofit producing arm of the venture.
At the early 2002 they decided to devote themselves entirely to Boogie Balagan, a project which shatters walls and barriers so that all can reunite under the flag of universal rock.
The larger gulian'e would be dominated by several lines of balagan theaters (engraving of a Moscow balagan, reproduced on a postcard: Fig.
Rather, the balagan is redefined as a "theatre about theatre, theatre that self-consciously or parodistically draws attention to its conventions and plays with them" (p.
This year the coordinator Balagan wanted to downplay the pro-LTTE image of Fetna that did not go well with the pro-Eelam supporters who were gunning for his head.
Keret, the 44-year-old best-selling Israeli writer (and Tablet magazine columnist), has made a career out of embracing balagan.
Savills, on behalf of Balagan Group, has let further office space at 8 Commerce Road in Lynchwood, Peterborough to the Landlord Hub.
Ernest Shackleton Loves Me by Joe DiPietro, Brendan Milhurn and Valerie Vigoda, premiering in April under the auspices of Seattle's Balagan Theatre.
These travelers have added new terms to the local lexicon in South America, including un grande balagan, a Spanish-Hebrew phrase that roughly translates as a big, confusing mess.
It runs at Balagan Theatre, produced as an ACT Central Heating Lab Event (Oct.
And yet it's our balagan, inspiring equal amounts affection and irritation.