Balance Beam

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balance beam

[′bal·əns ‚bēm]
(civil engineering)
A long beam, attached to a gate (or drawbridge, and such) so as to counterbalance the weight of the gate during opening or closing. Also known as balance bar.

Balance Beam


a piece of equipment used in women’s gymnastics for exercises in equilibrium. The balance beam is a horizontally placed bar, 5 meters long, 16 cm high, and 10 cm wide, supported by poles 120 cm high.

balance beam, balance bar

A long beam, attached to a gate (or drawbridge, etc.) so as to counterbalance the weight of the gate during opening or closing.
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Walking on the balance beam helps with static balance.
Not all gymnastic exercises are performed on a balance beam.
The final member of the Unites States' new quintet, Laurie Hernandez had the second best score on the balance beam.
Tenders are invited for Balance Beam Assembly For Pantographtype Am-18.
The third Beaver to advance was freshman Kaytianna McMillan, who qualified on the balance beam after tying Tang, Johnson and Kentucky's Audrey Harrison for first with a score 9.
Disciplines include speed bounce, vertical jump, long jump, hi-stepper, triple jump, chest push, target throw and balance beam.
I was impressed by how cool you were - I don't know how you do what you do, especially the balance beam," he said.
OVER THE MOON: Hannah Whelan performing on the balance beam on her was to picking up two bronze medals at the European Championships (inset, right)
Another first-time Olympian like Hernandez, Biles has dominated the international stage leading up to the Games, winning the last three world championships in the all-around competition and two straight on the balance beam.
The younger children wanted more fun things to play on and so Mr Harrison and the School Council designed a Trim Trail which features equipment including a log walk, clatter bridge and balance beam.