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After that I crawled to the balanced rock, a huge boulder resting upon a tiny base no larger than the palm of your hand.
org/wiki/Balanced_Rock) Balanced Rock , among others.
We had a quick look at the skull rock and split rock and then along the Echo Cliffs sighted the famous Balanced Rock, so named since a massive rock stood perfectly poised on a needle point without toppling over.
The new Ram Truck ads feature illustrative renderings of the Lone Star state's picturesque Rio Grande Valley, Balanced Rock, Enchanted Rock and Lighthouse Rock landscapes as settings for the Ram 1500 Mossy Oak Edition Outdoorsman, Ram 2500 Power Wagon, Ram 1500 Lone Star and Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn.
Precariously perched on the top of the pedestal is a fifty-five-foot tall, 3,500-ton sandstone rock, appropriately named the Balanced Rock.
The rolling roads took me around The Windows, Courthouse Towers and Balanced Rock, all nature's skyscrapers and bridges, giant monoliths shaped by the elements over millions of years.
Balanced Rock performs its timeless levitation atop a majestic pedestal, like a combination sentinel and yogi master always on the verge of enlightenment.
Balanced Rock, though, bears a striking resemblance to a Lady in a Tub, which is its other name.
5-mile Heart of Rocks Loop, you'll find Duck on a Rock, Totem Pole, Pinnacle Balanced Rock, and Punch and Judy.
This huge piece of balanced rock on the summit of the Glyder mountains perfectly captures what Pickstock is about: beautiful, naturally created and at an intriguing angle.
3-mile Balanced Rock Trail and the Windows (one mile) and Double Arch (0.
Known for rugged hiking trails, the park also offers unique natural attractions like Balanced Rock, the Ice Mine and Rainbow Falls.