Balazuri, Ahmad Ibn Yahya Ibn Jabir, Al-

Balazuri, Ahmad Ibn Yahya Ibn Jabir, Al-


Born circa 820; died circa 892. Arab historian.

Al-Balazuri was the author of Futuh al-Buldan (The Conquest of Countries) and Ansab al-Ashraf (Genealogy of the Nobility), which contain valuable material on political history, economy, and social relationships under the caliphate, including Middle Asia and the Caucasus. The Arabic text of Futuh al-Buldan was published by de Goeje (1863–66); excerpts from it were translated into Russian by S. L. Volin (Materialy po istorii turkmen i Turkmenii, vol. 1, 1939, pp. 18,62–78, and others) and by N. A. Mednikov (Pravoslavnyi Palestinskii sb., issue 50, vol. 17, part 2, St. Petersburg, 1897). Ansab al-Ashraf was published in part by Professor Goitein (1936).


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