Balchiunas, Vitautas-Kazimeras

Bal’chiunas, Vitautas-Kazimeras Michislovich


(also Vytatus-Kazìmieras Balčiūnas). Born Nov. 29, 1924, in the village of Palonai, in what is now Radviliškis Raion, Lithuanian SSR. Soviet architect. Honored Architect of the Lithuanian SSR (1974).

Bal’chiunas studied in the architecture division of the University of Kaunas from 1944 to 1950. He designed the sanatorium of the Council of Ministers of the Lithuanian SSR (1966–68 and 1970–73) in Druskininkai and collaborated on a polyclinic and hospital (1973–74) in the city. Bal’chiunas also helped design the residential area Lazdynai in Vilnius (1965–66 and 1969–73; Lenin Prize, 1974).