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Galuppi, Baldassare


(also Buranello, after his place of birth). Born Oct. 18, 1706, on Burano Island, near Venice; died Jan. 3, 1785, in Venice. Italian composer.

Galuppi directed the choir at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice. From 1765 to 1768 he was the court conductor in St. Petersburg, where he produced his operas The Shepherd King, Dido Abandoned (1766), and Iphigenia in Tauris (1768). Galuppi was a representative of the Venetian school and a very eminent master of opera buff a. He wrote numerous operas, 20 of which were based on C. Goldoni’s librettos. One of them is the very popular Country Philosopher (1754). Galuppi also composed dramatic cantatas, serenades, oratorios, sacred concerti, and clavier concerti and sonatas.


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Nell'arco di un trentennio L'Eroe Cinese veniva eseguito in tutta Europa, musicato da grandi compositori fra cui Baldassarre Galuppi (Napoli, Teatro San Carlo, 1753), Johann A.
3-4, a second opera will be performed, this one based on a script by famous Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni: "Il Filosofo di Campagna" (The Country Philosopher), with music written by Baldassarre Galuppi.