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Baldung, Hans


(nicknamed Grien). Born circa 1484-S5 in SchwäbischeGmünd(?), Württemberg; died 1545 in Strass-burg (present-day Strasbourg, France). German Renaissance painter and draftsman of the upper Rhine school. He was influenced by A. Dürer, in whose studio he worked from 1502 to 1504, and by M. Neithardt. He spent most of his life in Strassburg. Baldung’s art (portraits and religious compositions) is full of contradictions: Renaissance rationalism is combined with mysticism, and smoothly sculpted forms with broken rhythmic lines. His works include the main altar of the cathedral in Freiburg im Breisgau (1512–16) and Death and the Woman (1517, in the Public Art Collection, Basel).


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Unusually, paintings by Guercino and Hans Baldung Grien were withdrawn --pre-sold to an as-yet-undisclosed good home.
Es esta idea que expresa con un realismo incomparable Hans Baldung Grien en su pintura de 1517 intitulada La joven y la muerte, que se encuentra en el Kunstmuseum de Basel (Suiza) y en la que un esqueleto con pie de macho cabrio, que son simbolos tradicionales de la muerte, tiene abrazada por detras a una joven semidesnuda con la que intercambia un beso.
1526), in that of Durer's pupil from Alsace, Hans Baldung Grien (d.
Finally, Chapter 8 meditates on the representation of Adam and Eve, and of the fall, in Durer, Lucas van Leyden, Hans Baldung, Rembrandt, and Paradise Lost, and suggests that Milton's poem (especially the couple's creation stories), like the paintings, directs one to reflect not on psychological motives, but on the mystery of the organic human body, and indeed on embodiment itself as--variably fortunate--fall.
La representacion de la prudencia se volvio, asi, entre pintores y grabadores de la talla de Hans Baldung, Cesare Ripa, Hans Collaert y muchos otros, un factor de identificacion comun capaz de trascender barreras geograficas, artisticas y linguisticas al interior de Europa.
German paintings from the likes of Hans Baldung Grien depict women, stark naked, "with mirrors between their legs.
Bilder liefern wichtige Hinweise auf nicht erhaltene Musikinstrumente und vor allem auf das vergangliche Musizierereignis: Walter Salmen unternimmt einen Gang durch die erhaltenen Gemalde des Durer-Schulers Hans Baldung "Grien" Bilder aus dem Hochaltar im Freiburger Munster (1512-1516) und aus Baldungs "Karlsruher Skizzenbuch" zeigen als Quellen fur den zeitgenossischen, durch Virdung 1511 beschriebenen Instrumentenbau u.