Baldwin II

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Baldwin II,

1217–73, last Latin emperor of Constantinople (1228–61), brother and successor of Robert of CourtenayRobert of Courtenay
, d. 1228, Latin emperor of Constantinople (1218–28). His father, Peter of Courtenay, was elected by the Latin nobles to succeed Henry of Flanders as emperor, but shortly afterward he was captured (1217) by Theodore, despot of Epirus.
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. He began his personal rule only after the death (1237) of his father-in-law, John of BrienneJohn of Brienne
, c.1170–1237, French crusader. He was a count and in 1210 married Mary, titular queen of Jerusalem. Mary died in 1212, and their daughter, Yolande (1212–28), succeeded to the title under John's regency.
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. Baldwin traveled in Western Europe seeking financial and military aid for his precarious throne (see Constantinople, Latin Empire ofConstantinople, Latin Empire of,
1204–61, feudal empire established in the S Balkan Peninsula and the Greek archipelago by the leaders of the Fourth Crusade (see Crusades) after they had sacked (1204) Constantinople; also known as the empire of Romania
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). To obtain funds he sold a large part of the True Cross and other sacred relics to Louis IX of France and at one time pawned his son to the Venetians. In 1261, Michael VIIIMichael VIII
(Michael Palaeologus), c.1225–1282, Byzantine emperor (1261–82), first of the Palaeologus dynasty. Following the murder of the regent for Emperor John IV of Nicaea, he was appointed (1258) regent and, soon afterward (1259), coemperor.
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, Greek emperor of Nicaea, stormed Constantinople. Baldwin escaped to Italy and ultimately transferred his claims on the throne to Charles ICharles I
(Charles of Anjou), 1227–85, king of Naples and Sicily (1266–85), count of Anjou and Provence, youngest brother of King Louis IX of France. He took part in Louis's crusades to Egypt (1248) and Tunisia (1270).
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 of Naples.

Baldwin II

(Baldwin of Le Bourg), d. 1131, Latin king of Jerusalem (1118–31), count of Edessa (1100–1131); cousin and successor of Baldwin I. He accompanied Godfrey of Bouillon on the First Crusade and was captured (1104) by the Muslims. He was released in 1108. As king of Jerusalem, he spent most of his reign warring with the Turks in N Syria. He was a prisoner from 1123 to 1124; Eustace Garnier, his regent during his captivity, captured Tyre. In Baldwin's reign the Latin principality of Antioch was reduced to dependence on the kingdom of Jerusalem. Baldwin's daughter Melisende married (1129) FulkFulk
, 1092–1143, Latin king of Jerusalem (1131–43), count of Anjou (1109–29) as Fulk V, great-grandson of Fulk Nerra. He journeyed (1120) to the Holy Land as a pilgrim and returned there in 1129, making his son, Geoffrey Plantagenet, count of Anjou as Geoffrey
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 of Anjou, who succeeded Baldwin.
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The Horoscope of Emperor Baldwin II: Political and Sociocultural Dynamics in Latin-Byzantine Constantinople
King Baldwin II of Jerusalem also laid siege to Aleppo in 1124 and a third siege took place in January 1260, this time by the Mongol ruler Hulagu Khan.
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Included among its most well-known members were King Baldwin II (through his mother) and Queen Melisende.
It is only after the accession of his distant cousin Baldwin II (of Bourcq) in 1118 that we find many of his kinsmen acquiring power and influence thanks to their royal connections.(15)
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