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Bulg. Stara Planina (stä`rä plä'nēnä`), major mountain range of the Balkan PeninsulaBalkan Peninsula,
southeasternmost peninsula of Europe, c.200,000 sq mi (518,000 sq km), bounded by the Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Ionian Sea, and Adriatic Sea.
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 and Bulgaria, extending c.350 mi (560 km) from E Serbia through central Bulgaria to the Black Sea. It rises to 7,794 ft (2,376 m) at Botev, the highest peak. The Balkans are a continuation of the Carpathian Mts. The forested range is sparsely populated and rich in a variety of minerals.
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The programme thus builds on strategies for European integration and for regional cooperation and reconciliation among the Western Balkan states.
Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and API sourcing in Central Europe and the Balkan states 2011 is the latest report providing an in-depth analysis for pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and API sourcing in six Central European countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria and three Balkan states: Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.
The Western Balkan states face two inter-twined energy challenges, with the security of gas supply pertinent to their resolution.
The opportunity to visit a new country and get a taste and feel of its culture and people is really something for any tourist," said Aslan, while revealing Turkish Airlines' plans to fly more passengers to the Balkan states.
And while the Balkan states were all very friendly to each other, some day a future vote will spark a new civil war down there.
During Pope John Paul II's June visits to the Balkan states, he beatified two natives of the war-torn region in the hope that they serve as an example for residents on the road to reconciliation.
One can read in many important international reports about the lawlessness and criminality in the Balkan states, but Croatia is never included.
Washington officials said recently they are prepared to provide $200,000 to fund a study into pipeline routes, and to support the scheme as one of several atoned at enhancing economic cooperation with the Balkan states.
The ISP plans to extend its services to Greece and then throughout the Balkan states over the next half year.
A number of Turkish tourist and travel agenciesAaseek to increase the flow of the Turkish tourist into Syria through organizing several tourist programs for tourists from Turkey and Balkan States.
The airline will provide cargo services between Greece and Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Balkan states, Albania and Turkey.
With the disastrous end of Nicephorus' reign, the Byzantines were forced to rethink their policy towards the Balkan states and conquest gave way to conversion.