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Scottish family: see Baliol, Edward deBaliol, Edward de
, d. 1363, king of Scotland, son of John de Baliol (d. 1315). Having secured English support for his claim to the Scottish throne, he invaded Scotland in 1332 and was crowned at Scone.
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; Baliol, John deBaliol, John de,
1249–1315, king of Scotland (1292–96), son of John de Baliol (d. 1269). He became head of the family after the death of his elder brothers in 1278.
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, Balliol
1. Edward. ?1283--1364, king of Scotland (1332, 1333--56)
2. his father, John. 1249--1315, king of Scotland (1292--96): defeated and imprisoned by Edward I of England (1296)
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