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see Strategic Defense InitiativeStrategic Defense Initiative
(SDI), former U.S. government program responsible for research and development of a space-based system to defend the nation from attack by strategic ballistic missiles (see guided missile).
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The Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) previously discussed most of these systems as lower-tier systems (the Theater High Altitude Area Defense System is considered an upper-tier terminal-segment system).
But, as the US Ballistic Missile Defense Organization has acknowledged, they may also be called upon to function as components of a future missile defence system.
Air Force budget contains $775 million over the next six years for an airborne laser demonstration, according to Under Secretary Kaminski, as reported in Aerospace Daily and relayed in the March 8, 1996 Ballistic Missile Defense Organization External Affairs Digest.
Rumsfeld directed the Defense U Department's Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) not to consider the elements of the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty, "as an inhibitor" in the way it executes the National Missile Defense (NMD) program, BMDO director Air Force Lt.
With a subsidy from Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), a program of the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO), small U.
Funding for the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, formerly the "Star Wars" office, would jump 3.
Then he announced that the Star Wars program would henceforth be known as the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, which would cost--by remarkable coincidence--exactly as much as Star Wars: $3.
CSC has supported the Missile Defense Agency and its predecessor organizations, the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization and the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization for more than 25 years," said Austin Yerks, president of CSC's North American Public Sector Defense Group.
national missile defense project, managed by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, previously the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, began under President Reagan in the 1980s.
A joint mission of NASA and the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (the former Star Wars office), Clementine will test several detectors for the military in a mission expected to include the first flyby of a near-Earth asteroid (SN: 1/15/94, p.

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