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name for any balsambalsam
, fragrant resin obtained from various trees. The true balsams are semisolid and insoluble in water, but they are soluble in alcohol and partly so in hydrocarbons.
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 resin and for several plants, e.g., the bee balmbee balm,
name for several herbs, especially Melissa officinalis and Monarda didyma, both typical perennials of the family Labiatae (mint family) named for their fragrance, attractive to bees and hummingbirds. Melissa [Gr.
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A concave cliff or precipice that forms a shelter.
A soothing or healing medication.


1. any of various oily aromatic resinous substances obtained from certain tropical trees and used for healing and soothing
2. any plant yielding such a substance, esp the balm of Gilead
3. an aromatic Eurasian herbaceous plant, Melissa officinalis, having clusters of small fragrant white two-lipped flowers: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
4. any aromatic or oily substance used for healing or soothing


(Block And List Manipulation) An extensible language, developed by Malcolm Harrison in 1970, with LISP-like features and ALGOL-like syntax, for CDC 6600.

["The Balm Programming Language", Malcolm Harrison, Courant Inst, May 1973].
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In the presence of Balmes, Undersecretary Raymund Mecate, and NBI officials including Director Dante Gierran, the three confessed their involvement in the purported processing of the quota visas of six Chinese nationals in exchange for large sums of money.
En algunos --como Balmes hasta hoy-- eso ocurre en forma radical.
Chavez and Lontok were turned over to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and are now in custody at the NBI detention center, Balmes said.
Balmes requested that the $300,000 not be earmarked for incentives by ordinance in case the money was needed elsewhere.
Tales presiones obedecen a intereses ajenos al pacto social de la Ciudad de Mexico; no en balde, el filosofo catalan Jaume Balmes atino en senalar que la causa del pan' dillaje nace de la impotencia gubernativa, la que evidentemente exhibe el agonizante gobierno de la Ciudad Marca.
Building 14 is where high-profile convicts are held, according to Justice Undersecretary Erickson Balmes.
Our study using climate change projection shows that there will be very few cities at the end of the century that will be able to hold the summer Olympics as we know them today," said John Balmes, a professor of public safety at the University of California, Berkeley, who co-authored the paper.
Mikko Balmes led the Riverhawks with 27 points and six assists.
One of the visitors, Anne Laure, is a teacher and director from the School of Les Balmes, from the Rhone-Alpes region in France.
Balmes, MD, of UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley, pointed out that a previous study of children living in southern California showed that living and attending school close to major roadways was associated with an increased risk of new-onset asthma.
All of this is captured by the lens of award-winning director and cinematographer Thomas Balmes.