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(kōpā`bə, –pī`–), oleoresin (see resinresin,
any of a class of amorphous solids or semisolids. Resins are found in nature and are chiefly of vegetable origin. They are typically light yellow to dark brown in color; tasteless; odorless or faintly aromatic; translucent or transparent; brittle, fracturing like glass;
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) obtained from several species of tropical South American trees of the genus Copaifera. The thick, transparent exudate varies in color from light gold to dark brown, depending on the ratio of resin to essential oil. Copaiba is used in making varnishes and lacquers.
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(also copaiba balsam), a pale yellow fluid of varying density found in the wood of various species of South American trees of the genus Copaifera of the family Caesalpiniaceae. The copaiba is obtained by deep tapping. The fluid is composed of essential oil (38–76 percent) and resin. It can be dissolved in organic solvents but not in water. Copaiba is used in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, and paper.

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