Baltic Herring

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Baltic Herring


(Clupea harengus membras), a Baltic subspecies of the Atlantic herring. The Baltic herring reaches 20 cm in length and weighs 25–50 g. The fish becomes sexually mature at two or three years of age. It is a pelagic school fish that feeds on small crustaceans. The Baltic herring forms schools that are confined to certain areas of the sea and to bays. There are “seasonal” races that differ in spawning times. The spring race reproduces in May or June at depths to 5–7 m; the eggs are benthic. The autumn race is small in number and reproduces far offshore in August or September. The Baltic herring is commercially valuable. It is pickled, smoked, and canned in the same manner as sprats.


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At the present time the age of the Baltic herring in the coastal waters of Estonia is mostly 2-4 years.
According to an earlier study (Roots and Zitko, 2006) the same is true about the Baltic Sea wild fish (including Baltic herring of length not more than 22 cm and age not more than eight years, perch, eel, pikeperch, and flounder) as well as aquaculture species rainbow trout and eel.
Fish consumption frequency Place of residence Exposed Other fishermen fishermen Coast Kuusankoski Ranking of fish species n = 26 n = 21 n = 25 n = 22 Primary fish (n) Baltic herring 5 4 9 0 Baltic salmon 1 0 1 0 Cultivated rainbow trout 4 5 5 4 Pike, pike perch, perch, bream 16 10 10 16 Vendace 0 2 0 2 Secondary fish (n) Baltic herring 5 4 6 3 Baltic salmon 2 2 3 1 Cultivated rainbow trout 5 4 7 2 Pike, pike perch, perch, bream 6 5 9 2 Vendace 8 6 0 14 Table 3.
Baltic herring, sampled from Peimari-Pemarn in the Finnish Archipelago Sea ([Angstrom]-AS), Tvarminne area at the Finnish SW coast of the Gulf of Finland (H-Tva), and Vaike Vain Strait at the western Estonian coast (VV);
The mean concentrations of lead in the muscle tissue of the investigated fishes decreased in the order perch (Pargas-Parainen), Crucian carp (Tvarminne), eelpout (Muuga), bleak (Vaike Vain), burbot (Gennarby), smelt (Vaike Vain), perch (Vaike Vain), Baltic herring (Vaike Vain), ide (Tvarminne), burbot (Pargas-Parainen) (Tables 1 and 1a).
12) Similarly, feeding declined seasonally for Atlantic herring (de Silva, 1973), Baltic herring (Arrhenius and Hansson, 1999), and Pacific herring (Foy and Norcross, 1999a).
Variable length of daily feeding period in bioenergetics modeling: a test with 0-group Baltic herring.
NK activity in seals fed Baltic herring remained 20 to 50 percent below normal throughout the study, reflecting an apparent drop in the responsiveness of this important facet of the animals' immune system.
Total quantity or scope: Part I - The line will be included machine nobbingu sprat or Baltic herring with a capacity of 2 500-3 000 kg of raw material per hour, the flusher-feeders of the raw material, finished product conveyors,
The major issue that will be dealt with at the EU Council of Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries will be the proposal for the European Parliament and of the Council Regulation, laying down the Multiannual Plan for Baltic Sea cod, Baltic herring and sprat stocks in the Baltic Sea and fisheries using these stocks.
Sour herrings, or tinned fermented Baltic herrings, are reportedly considered by foreign airlines to be a security risk and can no longer be sold at Stockholm's Arlanda airport.

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