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Upon arrival to Baltiysk the ship will be left by cadets of the Baltic Naval Institute, who participated in the cruise, the crew of Smolny will replenish the stock and after a brief mooring will put to sea for passage to Kronstadt.
As the first African-American commanding officer of the USS Samuel Eliot Morrison (EFG-13), Tom Daniel conducted an official ship visit to Russia when the guided missile frigate dropped in on the former soviet Union Naval Base of Baltiysk this summer.
Fellow UAE port operator DP World maintains a stake in the Russian Far East port of Vostochny, and APM Terminals (AMPT) said earlier in 2011 that it was considering investing in the new port of Baltiysk in the Kaliningrad region.
Open Competition: Purchase of design and survey works on the project "Development of basic military camp to accommodate the connections and the military units in the military town Baltiysk number ~67 ~(Object Identifier CDF / B-67)
A security source said the ship had offloaded its cargo of Mi-25 attack helicopters it carried to Syria in the Russian port of Baltiysk in the Kaliningrad region earlier on Friday.