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Meanwhile, at press time last light, The Chronicle heard that the Weija Divisional Command of the Police Service, led by ACP Bamah, had deployed armed personnel at the fuel station, following reports that the drivers operating at the premises had blocked the entrance.
The high peaks of [N.sub.2]O observed at the active vegetative (28-42 DAS) and panicle initiation (56-70 DAS) stages are in agreement with the findings of Gogoi and Bamah (2012) and Borah and Baruah (2016) in wheat.
Myanmar is a complex set of cultures and that of the ethnic majority Burman, or Bamah, people has proven ascendant over more than a millennium.
The statement said, "if the Bamah Tatmadaw does not stop its transgression and military offensives in Kachin State by June 10, 2012, UNFC members, who have agreed ceasefire with U Thein Sein government, have decided to review the peace process and future programs, including the preliminary ceasefire agreements reached,".
"Blossom within Poverty." Bamah 89 (1981): 99-108 (Hebrew).
(25) Leopold Jessner, "Of the Eretz-Israeli Theatre and Its Purpose" (Hebrew), Bamah, May 1934, 3 (italics in original).
Bamah is usually translated by [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], "heights," indicating consensus about its general nature, but it also receives six other renditions including [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
I was surprised to learn that in Israeli Hebrew bamah is used for any stage, including the theaters used for performing arts.
To seek archaeological evidence for the destruction of bamot, it is necessary first to know what a bamah is and second where one might be found.
The bamah may be a place where YHWH can be found and where he may be worshipped.
Walter Burkert re-examines two Hebrew-Greek etymological connections in the domain of cultic architecture: bamah and ??, "highplace" and "altar," respectively; liskah and ??, a side-room where ceremonial meals take place.