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Pan Ch’ao


Born in 32; died in 102. General and diplomat of ancient China. Brother of the historian Pan Ku.

In 73, Pan Ch’ao was sent to East Turkestan (the Western Regions) with a military and diplomatic mission. Taking advantage of the dissatisfaction of the local population with the Hsiung-nu (Hun) rule, Pan Ch’ao achieved the temporary subjugation of the small city-states of East Turkestan. In 90, Pan Ch’ao defeated the troops of the Kushan empire, and in 91 he finally defeated the Hsiung-nu. The victories of Pan Ch’ao led to the development of trade and cultural links between China and the West along the Great Silk Route.


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In the mid-first century AD, under the command of the great Chinese general Ban Chao, Han forces invaded the Tarim Territories.
After consolidating Chinese rule over the Tarim kingdoms, Ban Chao sent an expeditionary army to the frontiers of Rome's old enemy Parthia.
Although Ban Chao failed to make contact with the Roman emperor, it is possible that the Chinese encountered Roman subjects during their conquests in the west.