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a mid-seventh-century Georgian cathedral (rebuilt at the turn of the ninth and tenth centuries) located in the historically Georgian region of Tao. (Now on Turkish territory, Bana is preserved in ruins.)

Bana is a typical example of the circular, multistory cathedrals of Transcaucasia. It is a tetraconch (with triple-tiered choirs in the supports under the cupolas and arcades in the lower part of each apse) enclosed within a circular structure (with a diameter of 37.45 m) whose facade is decorated with arcades.


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The film won numerous Australian film awards and brought Bana to Hollywood's attention, an unusual newcomer at 32.
The Checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridization scores were submitted to a new codification to allow a better comparison with the BANA Test results.
And sadly most of his mates really don't carry the charisma where you want to find out more about their relationship with Bana, something which would have moved the film to a higher level.
Phil, who produces a string of warm and fuzzy assurances about hobbies being healthy, while Bana listens with near-cringe-inducing raptness.
Happily married with two small children, Bana says his family will always come before fame.
Warder and Sato are on even shakier ground when they assume that Bana himself used the term katha with their understanding of it.
Defendant Togba claims that he caught a relative of Magistrate Ernest Bana whose name he did not disclose, with his legal wife and immediately jumped on him in a fight in Caldwell Township, Montserrado County He says while the case is at the Zone Seven (7) Police Station in Caldwell, Magistrate Ernest Bana's relative ran to him in West Point Town and prevailed on the Magistrate to issue a writ of arrest.
Rowling, I watched 'Harry Potter' movie, Bana would like to read the book,' she said, to which Rowling replied, 'I hope you do read the book because I think you'd like it.
The match between the two Young Bana Marri and Combined Stars were started on fast tempo and soon Combined Stars took the lead through Nouman Gul in the 9th minute.
PESHAWAR -- After the killing of three labourers in Ganta Gar incident in Peshawar, the district administration decided to launch a mega operation against encroachment in Bana Mari on 12 February and for this purpose, the city was divided into nine zones, district administration official said.
Hearts may skip a beat as the new horror movie "Deliver Us From Evil," starring Eric Bana and Edgar Ramirez with Olivia Munn, Sean Harris and Joel McHale, brings its audience to a whole new world of exorcism.