Bananal Island

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Bananal Island,

Brazil: see AraguaíaAraguaía
, river, c.1,600 mi (2,575 km) long, rising in the Serra des Araras, at the border of Goiás and Mato Grosso states, S central Brazil. It flows generally northward into the Tocantins River, forming most of the border between Goiás and the states of
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, river.
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Geological control of Podocnemis expansa and Podocnemis unifilis nesting areas in Rio Javaes, Bananal Island, Brazil.
The study describes the bedload of the Araguaia River in Goias, Luis Alves region (13[degrees]13'S, 50[degrees]35'W), between the mouth of the Crixas-acu River and the Bananal Island, central region of Brazil.
Such transformations are commonplace after the Bradesco Foundation, part of banking giant Bradesco, opened a Digital Inclusion Center in the town of Canuana, on Bananal Island, 500 kilometers from the state capital of Palmas.
Earthwatch runs many expeditions to South America, including the Amazon turtle research project on Bananal Island in Brazil; the bee and orchid research project in the Desengano State Park in Brazil; and research and protection for the dolphins of Santa Catarina state in Brazil.
The beaches studied were changed from one year to the next due to the territorial demands of the local Indian tribes inhabiting Bananal Island. A detailed description of the main beaches may be found in the report by Ferreira-Junior and Castro (2003).