Banda Islands

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Banda Islands,

group of 10 volcanic islands, c.70 sq mi (180 sq km), E Indonesia, in the Banda Sea, in the MoluccasMoluccas
or Spice Islands,
Bahasa Indonesia Maluku, Du. Molukken, island group and prov. (1990 pop. 1,856,075), c.32,300 sq mi (83,660 sq km), E Indonesia, between Sulawesi and New Guinea. The capital of the province is Ambon, on Ambon island.
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. The capital and commercial center is Bandanaira, a seaport on Bandanaira island. The largest island in the group is Bandalontar. Nutmeg and mace are the chief products. The islands were discovered and claimed by the Portuguese in 1512. The Dutch ousted the Portuguese in the early 1600s, and the Dutch East India Company assumed control in 1619. The Dutch killed or enslaved most of the islands' inhabitants in 1621. Many inhabitants are Christian.
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Rescuers believe that the boat suffered an engine failure while en route to Banda Island.
Banda Island is one of the famous tourist destinations in Maluku for its natural beauty and cultural exoticism.
at Yos Sudarso harbor on Maluku's Ambon Island soon after passengers disembarked from a ferry that had just arrived from nearby Banda Island, also in Maluku.
The subduction zone that extends from western part of Andaman Island in the northwest and Banda Island in the east is the most active seismic source in the Indonesian region.
The variety of nutmeg we're familiar with is native to the Banda Islands in what is now Indonesia.
I had used an invitation to Manhattan as a way to go to those islands, the Banda Islands in Indonesia.
The team from the University of Washington found nutmeg at an archaeological site on Pulau Ay, a small island in the Banda Islands, central Maluku, Indonesia.
A colonial painting of the Banda Islands introduces the 1621 voc massacre.
The less explored spots in South- East Asia, like Koh Samui, Krabi, Hua Hin, Phi- Phi Islands in Thailand; Langkawi, Penang Island, Malacca and Johor Bahru in Malaysia; Bali, Banda Islands, Yogyakarta and Surabaya in Indonesia; and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam are now being opted by Indian travellers at large," adds Malhi.
After arriving to much celebration in Ambon, many yachts spend some time cruising the surrounding islands, some heading north to the Philippines and Borneo, or west to Bali and beyond while others return to Darwin via a scenic route that takes in the Banda Islands and Tanimbar Islands.
Keeling sent the larger vessel home and sailed East on the Hector to the Banda Islands, then back to Bantam, which he departed in October 1609.
Nutmeg and mace, products of the same fruit, have their origins in the Banda Islands, which for centuries were known as the "Nutmeg Islands." Atiny archipelago of the Moluccas Islands (historically also known as the Spice Islands) in Indonesia, they have, for hundreds of years been associated with an exotic aura of history and romance.