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"Pueblo Peoples on the Pajarito Plateau" is an analytical overview of the archaeology of the Bandalier National Monument and the Pajarito Plateau area, from the Paleo-////Indian Period through the Riverine Period, tracing pre-historic settlement and subsistence data to the 16th century builders and craftsmen of the survivors of the Chaco Canyon's cultural collapse.
However, this was not due to an oversight by the Bandalier staff but due to the fact that the version of the Wildland and Prescribed Fire Complexity Rating Worksheet Numeric Rating Guide posted on the internet at the National Park Service Fire Management Program Center home page was incorrect at the time of the Cerro Grande Prescribed Fire" (Board of Inquiry Final Report 2001, 14).
According to Vice President Gore, the areas affected by regional haze experience reductions in visibility ranging from as much as 81 percent (Lye Brook Wilderness Area in Vermont) to 43 percent (in both the Bandalier Wilderness Area in New Mexico and Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado).