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[Ital. brigare=to fight], robbery and plundering committed by armed bands, often associated with forests or mountain regions. Social and political demoralization, economic or political oppression, and racial or religious antagonisms may give rise to brigandage,
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"And what are these Corsican bandits doing here with Spanish smugglers?"
Very often the bandits are hard pressed by gendarmes or carbineers; well, they see a vessel, and good fellows like us on board, they come and demand hospitality of us; you can't refuse help to a poor hunted devil; we receive them, and for greater security we stand out to sea.
"But these two Corsican bandits?" said Franz, calculating the chances of peril.
"It is not their fault that they are bandits, but that of the authorities."
"Well," said the young man, "let us demand hospitality of these smugglers and bandits. Do you think they will grant it?"
On the other hand, he was about to land, without any other escort than these men, on an island which had, indeed, a very religious name, but which did not seem to Franz likely to afford him much hospitality, thanks to the smugglers and bandits. The history of the scuttled vessels, which had appeared improbable during the day, seemed very probable at night; placed as he was between two possible sources of danger, he kept his eye on the crew, and his gun in his hand.
"Bah!" said he, "I have travelled through Sicily and Calabria -- I have sailed two months in the Archipelago, and yet I never saw even the shadow of a bandit or a pirate."
Sometimes I amuse myself by delivering some bandit or criminal from the bonds of the law.
In the name of that young lady you love, and whom you perhaps believe dead but who is not!" cried the bandit, throwing himself upon his knees and leaning upon his hand--for he began to lose his strength with his blood.
A leather pocketbook, a purse, in which was evidently a part of the sum which the bandit had received, with a dice box and dice, completed the possessions of the dead man.
BERWICK BANDITS 52 BIRMINGHAM BRUMMIES 38 FOR the fourth time in eight days the Berwick Bandits came to the tapes for Championship points, this time at home to the Birmingham Brummies.
2 cops hurt in Sulu Abu attack !-- -- Roel Pareao (The Philippine Star) - August 20, 2019 - 12:00am ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines Abu Sayyaf bandits fired at a convoy of police vehicles in Patikul, Sulu yesterday, triggering clashes that left two police officers wounded.