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, Banjermasin, Bandjarmasin, Bandjermasin
a port in Indonesia, in SW Borneo. Pop.: 527 415 (2000)



Banjermasin, city and port in Indonesia. Administrative center of the province of South Kalimantan. Population, 214,000 (1961). Bandjermasin is located on the broad delta of the Barito River, about 30 km from the coast of the Java Sea, on the swampy island of Tatas. The houses are mostly on stilts. Bandjermasin is a trade center. There is export of petroleum, lumber, rattan, pepper, rubber, guttapercha, and coal.

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They established four factories at the mouths of the rivers in Sumatra and Dutch Borneo |at Djambi, Bandjermasin, Palembang and Rengat~, but owing to this |barter trade~ competition in Singapore they were not able to carry on and actually closed down two years ago |in 1931~.
van der 1898 Het afbreken van onze betrekkingen met Bandjermasin onder Daendels en der herstelling van het Nederlandsch gezag aldaar op den 1n Januari 1817.