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see BandungBandung
or Bandoeng
, city (1990 pop. 2,058,122), capital of Java Barat prov., W Java, Indonesia, near the Tangkuban Prahu volcano. Formerly the administrative and military headquarters of the Netherlands East Indies, it is the third largest city in Indonesia, an
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, Indonesia.
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One in particular needs mention: the resourceful Mickey de Jonge, matron at Bandoeng.
Au rond- point Bandoeng au niveau de la rue Mohammed Diouri , la rue Karachi , derriere la Lydec, mais aussi au Maarif, Californie, Anfa ou Derb Soltan El Fida, Ain chock, ou Hay Mohammadi ou encore Derb Al Kabir, Hay Arsalan, Hay Souaret, Ain Borja, Belvedere et plus encore a El hraouiyenne, Sidi Othman, le spectacle qui s'offre a vos yeux et les odeurs qui agressent vos narines sont les memes partout.