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Limitations include the lack of proper explosive lane clearance tools, such as the antipersonnel obstacle breaching system and Bangalore torpedoes, to clear assault lanes through mine-wire or similar obstacles.
But the fake reproductions of wartime battles involving mortars, bazookas and Bangalore torpedoes used to clear any obstructions were so loud and realistic armed police showed up with sirens blaring and had to be sent back on their way, the organisers said.
He laid claim to an astonishing and imaginary string of achievements, gloating that he "invented" the trench system "and today the trench system is credited all along the front to your humble servant." Spectacularly, Hughes also claimed the invention of "the system of hidden machine gun positions in rear of trenches," Bangalore torpedoes, and trench mortars.
They led squads on ambushes, helped run several weapons ranges, participated in demolition training, and learned to deploy bangalore torpedoes. The cadets also took part in the unit's 72-hour Sapper Stakes tactical operation against an opposing force.
The engineers were with us and they drug about 10 foot-long pipes they called Bangalore torpedoes [obstacle-clearing explosives].
In display cases are items such as dynamite, C4, cratering charges, and bangalore torpedoes. Across from the wall are two dioramas.
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